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Who We Are

1Founded in November 2004, SINERGIAE, Lda. developed its activity in 4 main domains: Environmental Studies, Renewable Energies, Space & Technology and Ecotourism & Planning. SINERGIAE stands for the internal (project conception) and external (Sustainable Development) synergies of these 4 domains.

Currently SINERGIAE is structured as a Group, in which SINERGIAE Ambiente (aka SINERGIAE Environment) is responsible for the Environmental Studies required for the approval of projects, plans and therefore support companies, industries and government agencies (e.g. municipalities) achieve their objectives.

Regarding Planning it’s emphasized the Strategic Environmental Assessment.

Environmental Impact Assessment and Incidence Assessment constitute very important procedures for the design, conception and licencing of relevant projects.

Ecological Monitoring follow systematically, and guarantee, the correct execution of projects.

In what concerns licencing, it must also be emphasized the requests to use soils under the Ecological National Reserve and at the Public Water Domain, as well as the industrial licencing.

We also help companies to become more environmentally efficient, responsible and prepared to reach international markets through consultancy in the implementation of International recognised Certifications – ISO 9001, ISO14001, OSHAS, EMAS, European Ecolabel and the European Business & Biodiversity Initiative.

Regarding Social Responsibility SINERGIAE Ambiente as a partnership with APPACDM (the Portuguese Parents of Mentally Disabled Association- Coimbra), in which we provide technical support on Residue Management (used cooked oils). Residue Management is in fact another key service we provide to industries – Solvent Management Plans, Residue Management Plans and IPPC some examples.

We strive to provide our customers the best solutions adapted to the specific reality of each plan or project, therefore achieving an efficient allocation of its resources (high quality/cost ratio).

SUSTAINABILITY is undoubtedly where we intend to MAKE A DIFFERENCE