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Waste Management

 Residue Prevention and Management Plan:

According to the D.L. nº178/2006, September 5th,  and the D.L. 46/2008, March 12th, with the amendments introduced by the DL n.º 73/2011, June 17th, SINERGIAE elaborates Residue Prevention and Management Plans according to the dimension and location of the project or activity being executed.


Solvent Management Plan

Depending on the annual amount of used solvents, the COV Directive establishes the need of a Solvent Management Plan. This Plan has aims to estimate the solvent fluxes and estimate the total evaporation rate in order to minimize public health risks and possible negative effects on the environment. The Plan should be presented to the competent authority (Regional Development Commission) each year until March the 31th.

Technical Support

SINERGIAE also provides technical support when processing and introducing the residue tracking forms on the competent authority online platform, SIRAPA (PT).