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    Company specialized in environmental consulting and export support. Materializing in the provision of services to Government and Business Organizations wishing to externalize their environmental concerns.

Industrial Licencing

 The Decreto-Lei n.º 209/2008, October 29th, regulates the permits for the Industrial Activity. It defines the procedures for the Industrial licencing predicting 3 types of industrial facilities/activities which require different elements necessary for its operation:

  • Type 1 facilities require Prior Authorization;
  • Type 2 facilities require a Prior Declaration;
  • Type 3 facilities are required to Registry;

SINERGIAE Ambiente consultants monitor the Industrial Licencing along its process until the permit is issued by the competent authority: preparing all the relevant documentation, instructing and mediating the process with the competent authorities.

The location of the industrial facility will also dictate which correspondent municipality have to issue a permit so that it can labour accordingly.

Besides the required licencing, SINERGIAE Ambiente will also help industries to require land use alterations if a given facility is projected under non-industrial land use.