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    Company specialized in environmental consulting and export support. Materializing in the provision of services to Government and Business Organizations wishing to externalize their environmental concerns.

Biodiversity Policy

SINERGIAE Ambiente is an Environmental Consultancy company based in Coimbra (Portugal). Biodiversity is a strategic component of our activity, and therefore, as a complement to our Environmental Policy, we defined core strategies for Biodiversity Conservation and Management inside and outside the scope of our activity. It is part of our mission to actively contribute for a sustainable development and the protection of the natural heritage.

SINERGIAE Ambiente recognises the importance of Biodiversity for the sustainable development and therefore wishes to express its guiding principles, its share, to halt the Worldwide Biodiversity loss:

Biodiversity Policy

  • Comply with relevant national and international law regarding Biodiversity and Environmental Protection, and with other commitments undertaken aiming to protect and promote Biodiversity;
  • Inform and sensitize our clients and the general public, about the Business & Biodiversity Initiative, about the importance of complying with Nature Conservation policies, about the available environmental responsible applicable techniques and the benefits that a proactive attitude can have towards Biodiversity.
  • Identify the direct and indirect impacts of our activity on Biodiversity, evaluate the risks, adopt mitigation measures, when applicable, of its ecological footprint and promote our positive impacts.
  • Boost the expansion of the Portuguese Business&Biodiversity Initiative, by promoting and participating in its activities.
  • Create shared solutions for the good management of the Fundamental Biodiversity Conservation Network (D.L. 142/2008, July 24th). Bring solutions to minimize the (negative) impacts towards Biodiversity in the projects we participate.
  • Engage and establish partnerships with local communities, NGOs and other relevant organizations aiming to materialize positive actions towards Biodiversity conservation and promotion.
  • Increase the current knowledge of the main impacts of human activities towards Biodiversity, particularly in those projects we are involved in. Develop solutions which allow minimizing and compensating those impacts and encouraging entrepreneurs.
  • Support trainees, master and doctoral students who wish to develop projects in the conservation and sustainability area.