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Geophysical Prospection

A set of techniques using high-tech geophysical instrumentation which allows our clients the prospection of the terrain in depth.

Electrical Resistivity

Method which allow to investigate superficial structures by applying an electrical current in soils and rocks. It’s especially useful in mineral prospection, subterranean water prospection and in environmental studies.

Seismic Methods

Method based on the artificial seismic wave emission at a given point, sensing its transmission, and arrival time at distant superficial locations. The spread velocity unveils subterranean interfaces were waves are refracted or reflected.

It’s mainly useful during oil, natural gas and coal prospection, or when the terrain needs to be characterized regarding its depth, and regarding the thickness of the rocky substrates.


Equipment used in Geophysical prospection based on the reflection of electromagnetic waves generated by the equipment, allowing differentiating the nature of the subsoil. A useful method to determine depth, the presence of buried structures, cavities, mines, massive rocks amongst other natural disasters.