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  • Who We are

    Company specialized in environmental consulting and export support. Materializing in the provision of services to Government and Business Organizations wishing to externalize their environmental concerns.

External Consultants

André Carapeto (Biologist), Flora, Fauna, GIS

Filipe Margarido (Biologist), Ichthyofauna and Benthic Macroinvertebrates

Miguel Rodrigues (Geologist)

Catarina Maia (Urban Planning and Land Management)

Francisco Rodrigues (Geologist)

Sandra Lopes (Geographer)

Nelson Silva (Cartography/GIS)

João Matias (Cartography/GIS)

Pedro Vilela (Agricultural Engineering, Cinegetics – Game)

Miguel Pinheiro (Landscape architect, Land Management Plans)

Paula Simões (Organic Farming & Integrated Production)

Mariana Castanho (Food Science and Management)


 Bring the seed and the willingness to cultivate. We will share willingly the greenway