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    Company specialized in environmental consulting and export support. Materializing in the provision of services to Government and Business Organizations wishing to externalize their environmental concerns.

Environmental Licencing

 Besides Environmental Impact and Incidence Assessment, under Environmental Licencing, permits are often necessary when operating in Ecological National Reserve (REN – D.L. nº 166/2008, August 22th), in Agricultural National Reserve (RAN – D.L. nº 73/2009, March 31th), in the Hydric domain (DH – D.L. nº 226-A/2007 and D.L. nº107/2009), or when cutting corktrees and holmoaks (D.L. nº 169/2001 May, 25th), these constitute public rights and soil use restrictions considered in specific legislation.

SINERGIAE Ambiente has thus far provided Licencing services for public bodies and private agricultural landowners.