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Environmental Impact Assessment

30-1024x768 The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) it’s an environmental protection mechanism which evaluates the significant environmental impacts of a given project, not regarding its private and/or public promotion. The current legal framework is given by the Decreto-Lei n.º 151 -B/2013, October, 31th, and amended by the Decreto-Lei n.º 47/2014, May, 24th.

In its essence it’s a multidisciplinary approach, integrating both natural and social domains, namely, soil, geology, water, air, biodiversity, environmental noise, landscape, cultural heritage, socio-economics, amongst others (less common) descriptors, which affectations upon will be evaluated. Negative affectations should be minimized and the positive ones potentiated, aiming the viability and environmental sustainability of the projects.

SINERGIAE Ambiente is currently involved in 2 Environmental Impact Assessments in the industrial context, and has already participated (or collaborated, mainly in Ecology – Fauna, Flora, descriptors) in more than 35 EIAs.

In several EIAs, SINERGIAE has also conducted the Environmental Noise evaluation and monitoring.

EIAs often comprise an early stage (optional), the Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report, in which the scope and the approach of the assessment are defined and presented to the regulatory body (EIA authority).

Therefore our services under the EIA process are the following:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report
  • Environmental Impact Assessment –Technical report
  • Non-technical Summary

Furthermore, projects already being executed, which were subject to EIA under the Preliminary Study phase, will have to submit an Environmental Compliance Report, confirming if constraints imposed by the Environmental Declaration (document published by the decision committee) are complied.