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Economical Evaluations for Exporting Companies

With the increased consumer environmental awareness verified in developed and developing countries, and its consequent Willingness to Pay for “Green products”, new market opportunities originated, which small and medium enterprises are often unaware.

Consumer Purchasing habits have changed significantly, with preference being given to goods produced under an Environmental Sustainable scope.

Consumer recognises increased value on Environmental Goods and is willing to pay more for them.

Aware of this trend, SINERGIAE provides a set of services aiming to help Business improve its Environmental performance, boost sales and customer loyalty:

  • Evaluation of your products Market size worldwide;
  • Legal  Compliance Assessment;
  • Advisory adapting your production process to meet the desired “Green” certifications:
  • Environmental Certification;
  • Evaluation of the most effective markets to promote your “Green products”, regarding market size, consumer Willingness to Pay;
  • Marketing Plans and communication for Green products;
  • Continuous, personalised advisory, supported with the most recent technologies and Business Intelligence.


Boost your exports

Penetrate new markets

Increase your reputation

Decrease your ecological footprint