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European Initiative on Business & Biodiversity

What is it?

The Portuguese Presidency of the European Union launched in 2007 the European Initiative on Business & Biodiversity aiming to evidence a positive relation between Business and Biodiversity and promote the significant role Business can have halting the Global Biodiversity loss.

Your Company Wishes to Join? Benefits?

Business&Biodiversity evidence your commitment on producing goods responsibly, in an Environmental friendly way, and collaterally promote positive activities towards Biodiversity Conservation, for example, at a local scale by preserving and monitoring species and habitats, and your impacts towards it.

A product with the Business&Biodiversity logo it’s the final result of a commitment between the coordinating authority (Institute for Nature Conservation) and the applicant, projecting your image nationally, but mainly internationally (in more demanding markets). Your investment on Biodiversity may be an interesting starting point to penetrate new markets.

Why we have Joined?

SINERGIAE has joined the Initiative committed to promote the B&B Initiative, to zeal and act responsibly towards Biodiversity, since we recognise it is our duty as Environmental Consultants and it is implicit in our Environmental policy.


Visit the official websites of the Initiative here: B & BB @ B