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Advanced Certifications

Besides the above Certifications which are able to be implemented and certified on the European Market, farmers/industry may desire the to boost their Environmental Policies by implementing International Standards even if they are not certifiable due to geographical constraints.

In this context, next we present relevant examples:

LIVE Vineyard (USA)

  • Sustainable Management of the production process (Viticulture and Enology);
  • Only applicable to the Wine industry;

More Information:http://liveinc.org/

LIFE (South America):

  • It measures the specific impacts of organizations on Biodiversity, requiring the execution of compensation efforts;
  • Applicable to almost any Organization;


More Information:http://institutolife.org/certificacao-life/o-que-e-a-certificacao-life/

We would be glad to evaluate the most suitable program for your company and provide advisory services for its implementation.