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  • Who We are

    Company specialized in environmental consulting and export support. Materializing in the provision of services to Government and Business Organizations wishing to externalize their environmental concerns.

  • Project and Legal Compliance

    Set of Services aiming the accurate execution of Plans and Projects. These range from the Strategic Environmental Assessments, Impact Assessment, Environmental Studies (Geology, Biodiversity, Environmental Noise, etc.), Tenders and Financing to Licencing and Environmental Liability.

  • Certification, Quality and Environment

    Set of Services aiming to increase, Quality and Environmental wise, the performance of companies and their products, often required by the modern retail chains and importers. These services include several Management Systems (9001, 14001, 22001), Ecolabels and the Business&Biodiversity.

  • Environmental Marketing & Exporting

    Our Services are focused on a better acceptance of companies and their products in External Markets, providing high quality “Green” Market Research, Business Intelligence and Directed Marketing.

  • R&D

    We provide Research & Development Services in the Environmental Sciences, Sustainable Production, Crop Protection and Marketing, either for Scientific Institutions or for Companies aiming to stand out from the crowd.

Quality Management Systems

What is it?

The main purpose of the ISO 9001 is to provide a competitive advantage through quality oriented products or services. It is an international standard for the implementation of a Quality Management Systems based on 8 Core principals designed to increase the performance of organizations.


Increase Quality, Increase your Competiveness

A companies concern about the quality of its products or services is a key factor for its growth. Fortune companies keep a high focus on quality standards either in its operation, either in the final product/service they deliver.

Main Benefits

Certify your commitment with your clients!

For some companies the ISO 9001 certification is merely seen as a bureaucratic process. For others it’s an opportunity to implement Administrative improvements aiming a higher efficiently.

The International trust on ISO 9001 certified organizations strengthen the investment cost-effectiveness for companies who wish to apply. A number of major purchasers require their suppliers to hold ISO 9001 certification.

It is grounded on 8 Core principles, these are:

  • Customer focus;
  • Leadership
  • Involvement of people;
  • Process approach;
  • System approach to management
  • Continual improvement
  • Factual approach to decision making
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships


This Standard focus on customer satisfaction, on process management, on continual improvement and on increased top management involvement, therefore ISO 9001 helps demonstrate your clients your company commitment with quality. Since it provides generic instructions, this Standard has few concerns regarding the type of products or services a company provides and therefore suits any organization.


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